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A New Beginning Providing the Best Service

Company Profile

Company Overview

Company Overview
Establishment June 1997 CEO Kim, Byung Young
No. of Employees 242 Shareholder BNK Holding Group, 100%
Paid-in Capital 764.5 billion won Reuter Code 138930.ks


June 1997 PB Futures Co., Ltd established (paid-in-capital 5 billion won)
September 1997 Increased paid-in-capital to 10 billion won
December 1998 Acquired license for KOFEX futures brokerage business
December 2000 Increased paid-in-capital to 15 billion won
May 2004 Acquired license for KOSPI futures and options brokerage
November 2009 Acquired license for securities brokerag
Company name changed to BS Securities
December 2009 Increased paid-in capital to 25 billion won
June 2010 Acquired license for Trading & Investment (debt securities)
August 2010 Increased paid-in capital to 35 billion won
Aprill 2011 Established Sa-sang branch
May 2011 Increased paid-in capital to 55 billion won
July 2011 Increased paid-in capital to 85 billion won
January 2012 Established PB Center Haewoondae branch
March 2012 Acquired Trading & Investment license (securities & underwriter license)
May 2015 Established GYEONGNAM Business Dept.
June 2015 Increased paid-in capital to 88 billion won
November 2015 Established ULSAN Business Dept.
August 2016 Increased paid-in capital to 93 billion won
August 2020 Increased paid-in capital to 564.8 billion won
January 2021 Increased paid-in capital to 764.5 billion won


Established in 1967, Busan Bank has been the representative company for the southeastern part of Korea
as well as the premier banking services provider. More than 80% of populace residing in Busan city is
our customers paying strong loyalty, supporting the bank both as business partners and shareholders.
Our dedication to the regional community and economy was rewarded by Busan citizens’ voluntary
campaign to revive the bank during the Asian crisis in 1997, and we also strive to provide industry-best
services to our customers. Also in the year 2007, every contract worker’s employment status has been
changed to full time innovating the way of HR to show our gratitude for our fellow workers that have
worked hard with us throughout the years.

We cover a wide range of business areas from retail banking services that includes bancassurance and
private asset management to project financings and corporate banking. As SMEs are our major corporate
customers taking 60% of our loan portfolio, we maintain our competitiveness through deeper understandings
with our customers and powerful information gathering network. Our services are designed to fit the needs
and preferences of the customers, which in turn generate our customers’ loyalty to our bank against other
nationwide banks. We believe that 42 years of experience as the region’s representative bank and our
strategy to mark ourselves as the “Bank” of the Busan region will lead us to be the “Leading Bank of East
Asia” in the future.

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