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We provide brokerage service on agriculturals and softs, meats, energy, and metals, including gold futures listed on KRX. BNK Securities maintains a range of connections overseas to connect our clients to other exchanges. With the broad range of connections and a touch of entrepreneurial spirit, BNK Securities was the first brokerage firm in Korea to trade uranium. We are skilled at precise and quick execution of orders and streamlined back office operations. Our clients also receive up-to-date market information throughout market fluctuations and a full report to gain a big picture perspective.

Agriculturals & Softs

Corn, wheat, oat, rice, soybeans, coffee, cotton, sugar, cocoa, orange juice


Lean hog, pork belly, live cattle, feeder cattle


Crude oil, heating oil, natural gas, RBOB gasoline


Gold (KRX, NYBOT), copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc, lead, silver, platinum, uranium.

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