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Interest Rate

Interest Rate
BNK Securities technical analysis of KTB is highly acclaimed as an insightful source of trading information. Our research is a signpost of trading 3-year Korea Treasury Bond futures and other interest rate futures contracts. 
				In addition, we deliver up-to-date market information suited for our clients’ success.
3-year KTB Futures & Options

Each month, about US$180 billion are traded for KTB futures. 
					Derivative products on Korea Treasury Bond comprise an exciting core of the KRX futures market. 
					Of all, the three-year KTB futures are by far the most actively traded products.
					BNK Securities has a pool of professionals who will support you throughout volatile market changes.
					We offer a detailed technical analysis of the market as well as concurrent market feed during the trading hours.

5-year KTB Futures

10-year KTB Futures

CD Interest Rate Futures

Monetary Stabilization Bond Futures

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