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Index futures and options
BNK Securities delivers a leading brokerage service in KOSPI 200 futures and options, STAR index futures and equity options. With our teams of committed professionals, our clients gain access to the world’s most actively traded derivative products. Further to technical expertise, our clients benefit from top-flight electronic execution combined with traditional execution customized to your individual needs.
KOSPI 200 Futures
KOSPI 200 futures is an index futures contract on KOSPI 200 index. This is an effective tool to maximize investment returns and hedge risks. Following the impressive success of the KRX futures market, BNK Securities offers a leading electronic and online platform to the rapidly developing market. Individuals, institutional and corporate clients and professional traders benefit from our outstanding service in the market.
KOSPI 200 Options
Marked by the largest volume of trades in the world, KOSPI 200 options is by far the most successful derivative product. Top-flight expertise is required to serve our clients in the volatile market. We pride on our team of professionals who possess the skills and experience in the KOSPI 200 options market. In the meantime, a fast and safe access to market is guaranteed by our streamlined electronic trading system.
STAR Index Futures
STAR index futures trades on the KOSDAQ STAR Index, which is composed of 30 stocks selected on the basis of financial stability, management transparency, and the representative level of the market. High volatility and high returns make it an attractive investment instrument. We assist our clients with in-depth market knowledge and insight to their success in the fast-moving market.
Single Stock Futures (Equity Futures)
The underlying assets of single stock futures are 15 blue-chip stocks in Korea stock market. With the opening of single stock futures on May 6, 2008, BNK Securities is fully ready to serve single stock futures to our clients who want to hedge price risk or to speculate on price fluctuations.
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